Breakdown Cover

Breakdown Cover you can depend on to get you back on the road FAST!

We have many years’ experience in providing a comprehensive range of road rescue solutions. We can provide full UK and European Breakdown cover for cars, vans, motorcycle, taxis and driving instructors within policy limits which includes the following benefits:

Roadside Assistance
To get you back on the road, including labour at the scene of the breakdown

Vehicle Recovery
Recovery of your Vehicle and up to 8 people to any single destination within policy limits. For minibuses the maximum increases to 17 people.

Doorstep                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Giving assistance at your home

Onward Transportation
A replacement vehicle for up to 1 day whilst your vehicle is fixed, or if this is not possible, overnight accommodation or an alternative form of transport.

Message Relay Service
Telephone calls made on your behalf to advise of unforeseen travel delays

Up to 6 call outs in any 1 year

No vehicle age limit

Any driver covered


UK and European cover available

24 hours, 365 days per year

Full UK Breakdown Cover only £65.00 a year exclusive to eastside insurance customers.
Full UK & European Breakdown Cover from £85.00 a year

Protect your car this winter
This winter, driving conditions are set to become increasingly difficult and dangerous. But a few minutes maintenance could see your vehicle through the worst winter has to offer. With plummeting temperatures and heavy snowfalls mean the number of breakdowns can more than double at this time of year. So before the winter weather takes hold, here are our tips for basic motor maintenance that will see you through the winter months.

Regular Servicing
If your car is due a service, get it done before the bad weather.

The battery shoud be the first priority as during the winter months it suffers from double whammy of cold temperatures reducing the output, and the increased use of lights, heater and blowers placing it under addittional strain.

As a car's tyre are key to both steering and braking. It is essential they are in good conditions. Check tyres for pressure and tread depth.
Windscreen wipers and windscreen
Give your windscreen a thorough clean inside and out and top up your screen washer fluid witjh antifreeze.