Here are a selection of frequently asked questions we receive on Motor and Home Insurance.

What is an excess
This is the amount you must pay in the event of a claim, regardless of who is to blame for an incident.

Am I covered to drive other vehicles?
This depends on your insurance policy, so its always best to check your insurance certificate. If you are unsure give us a call. Just because you have fully comprehensive insurance policy doesn’t mean that you will be covered.

Can I use my no claims bonus (NCB) on a second car?
No, the no claims bonus you accumulate can only be used on one car, it can be transferred to an alternative car, but it can not be applied to an additional car or another vehicle.

What if I’m hit by an uninsured driver?
The Motor Insurers bureau protects anyone who is injured or their property id damaged by an uninsured driver and will provide compensation should this happen.

How do I calculate the rebuild cost of my home?
The rebuild cost of your home differs from its market value. When buying a property the mortgage company will give you an indication what value they would like the home to be insured for this can be found on the valuation report. Bear in mind that the value of your home may have changed over time. If you are not confident that you have an accurate, up to date valuation, you may want to think about using the rebuild calculator supplied by the Building cost information service (BCIS) commissioned by the Association of British Insurers (ABI). Visit the Association of British Insurers website for more information and access the calculator http://abi.bcis.co.uk/

What’s the difference between standard accidental damage cover and the optional extra?
As standard, you will be covered for:

Buildings insurance: accidental damage to underground drains, pipes and cables and accidental breakage to fixed glass and sanitary fittings.

Contents insurance: accidental damage to specific items in your home such as TV’s, DVD equipment, audio and video equipment, computer equipment (but not portable items such as laptops), and breakage of fixed glass in furniture, mirrors and ceramic in hobs.

If you require wider cover for accidental damage, like putting your foot through a ceiling or DIY accidents i.e drilling through a pipe or spilling paint on your carpet you can add optional accidental damage cover to your policy.

Are my Possessions covered away from my home?
If you take out personal possessions option on your household insurance your personal belongings will be covered against theft, loss or accidental damage outside your home in Britain and for up to 60 days abroad. You will need to check what the single article limit is, as some items will have to be specified if the single article limit.

What happened if I move House?
You we need to call us on Tel 01792 641611 to arrange cover for you new property.


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