Family Legal Expenses

Family legal expenses is available to assist you and members of your household in the defence of your legal rights.  In life whatever you do and buy, you are governed by minefeild of legislation - some laws control, some laws protect. Yet more than not people are unaware of the existence of these laws.

With frequency of litigation increasing, so does the threat of legal action. There is no doubt that the cost of defending such actions, or proving your own legal rights, can be costly.

Resolving legal disputes can be daunting and complex, but with the protection of our legal expenses with ARAG Family Legal Solutions policy you can ' phone a friend' Arag Legal Expenses is designed to help with costs and also provide invaluable guidance throughout.

ARAG Family Legal Expenses Cover

- Up to £50,000 of legal expenses costs per claim

- Employment dispute, Contract dispute, Property dispute, Personal injury, Clinical negligence, Legal and Tax advice, Loss of earnings and Identity Theft.

- Access to a dedicated claim line

- Access to in house expertise to help in assessing and resolving disputes

- Professional advice from appropriately experienced solicitors, barristers, employee relations practitioners and tax experts.

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